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HelloZero provides a single source of truth

HelloZero solutions make validating and reconciling complex trade data easy and fast. With automatic ingestion (from a single trade to millions) to clear visibility and traceability of breaks, HelloZero solutions enable operations and control teams to get to zero faster and easier.

Agile Reconciliation Solutions

Collaboratively designed with leading derivatives practitioners

Fast, accurate trade reconciliations

Automated Trade reconciliations with configurable rules, fast results and easy break resolution. 

Repeatable and scalable multi-way recons

User-configured rules-based templates enable clearing broker, CCP, broker-to-broker, internal and multi-way reconciliations.

Open Trade Equity, on demand

Immediately know the value and state of every position, by account, sub-account, exchange, and desk.

Supported asset classes

ETD and OTC, FX cash and options, exotics, swaps, NDF, IRS, fixed income & bonds, commodities, crypto, collateral.

Total Equity reconciliation

Trades, positions, OTE and cash movements are aggregated, presented and reconciled by currency,  account, desk, and client. All with fast drill down. 

FX options and cash

Comprehensive specialist FX recs with smart matching and fast resolution of breaks. 

Close outs accurately calculated and reported

Exchange Close Outs with both netting and grossing approaches for accurate reporting and actioning.

Operational Resilience

Build resilience into key workflows and critical data sources 

Data lake of latest clean trades and positions

High-quality, queryable position and trade data repository for interrogation, validation and reporting. Always current.

Warm standby

In case of emergency, the cleansed and validated data held in HelloZero can be used for reconciliations, reg reporting and other checks and balances. 

Source data retained

Retain all ingested data in the original untouched format. Provide total visibility of enhancements or adjustments, fully auditable for compliance. 

Smart reference data – managed with AI

Rich, configurable, accessible reference data managed with AI, available for HelloZero and other platforms. 

Compliant control

Controls such as automated data ingestion, date-stamped audit trails and segregation of duties (SoD) are inbuilt for regulatory compliance.

Modular architecture

HelloZero solutions are all available individually, addressing specific gaps, and working alongside existing platforms. 

Operational Control

Built around a robust process, with control the fundamental principle

Comprehensive integrated reconciliations

Integrated recs provide proof points, with trades, prices, positions cash, OTE and Total Equity all joined up/integrated for integrity.

Secure role-based access

Segregation of responsibilities ensuring compliance.

Matching rules protected

Using an “absolute match” algorithm, HelloZero ensures no false positives and no user interference with the matching process/rules. 

Comprehensive bottom-up approach

By capturing and reconciling every data item, nothing slips through the net.  

Source data retained

Retain all received data in original, untouched format. Provide total visibility of source data, changes etc, fully audited for compliance. 

Dual authorisation

Key operations supported by dual authorisation (‘4-eyes’) for extra control.

Control reports

Provide comprehensive evidence for auditors and compliance.

HelloZero delivers

HelloZero provides a single source of truth

The single source of truth

Comprehensive, rapid, data validation and control

HelloZero is designed to remove risk and cost associated with manually processing futures and options data, providing rapid access to a clean reconciled data set with immediate visibility.

Data Normalisation​

Ingests millions of rows of data from multiple sources, in multiple formats and languages and normalises in a relational database.

Data Enrichment

Maps codes or missing information at the point of ingestion. Outliers and anomalies are flagged which enables uninterrupted processing.

Data Validation

A clean database of standardised mapped data provides a single source of truth and a control point against which other outputs can be checked.

Data History

Retains all ingested data in original untouched format. Enhancements, changes, or adjustments are fully auditable for compliance

Data Visualisation

Configurable manager dashboards highlight data quality issues from different sources, aging breaks, productivity, and time to complete critical processes

Rapid visibility of total equity

For faster, smarter, derivatives reconciliations

HelloZero uses preconfigured matching templates which can be locked to ensure daily consistency. Carries over balances from previous periods to maintain visibility and control.

Fast portfolio reconciliations

Rapidly creates a fully comprehensive reconciliation of entire output for a trading period.

Fast consolidated positions

Carries over balances from previous periods – for immediate visibility of aging breaks, priorities to deal with and risk exposure.

Fast visibility of expiries

Highlights contracts close to expiry for immediate prioritisation if issues are identified. Ensures that there are no nasty surprises.

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