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The new automated, reconciliation platform for Exchange Traded Derivatives

Reasons FCMs choose HelloZero

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Automatic upload via FTP

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Single source of truth

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Breaks pinpointed

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Visibility of priorities

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Control and confidence

All square by 9am


Rapid scaling for new products
Web-based conditional access

Fact: reconciling high volumes of data
from multiple sources is difficult

Exchange Traded Derivatives are complex to reconcile
  • Complex data sets make it time consuming to pinpoint exceptions with enough granularity

  • It isn’t easy maintaining a rolling daily balance

  • Manual upload of data can result in time delays, human error, file corruption or worse

  • Reference data used by some systems is held across multiple servers
Myths and misconceptions surrounding reconciliations
  • “Recs are just recs” – WRONG

  • Recs is about comparing files – WRONG

  • Rapid set-up is important – WRONG

  • Automating is expensive – WRONG

  • It’s probably going to take all day – WRONG

Derivatives reconciliations research concludes "good enough" is no longer good enough.

How do brokers solve today?

Two ends of the spectrum and not much in between

End-to-end non-specialist solutions
  • Require big capital outlay and ongoing costs 
  • Implementation is disruptive to operations 
  • Require full-time project management and IT involvement 
  • Are mostly difficult to adapt for new products or asset classes


End to end post trade platforms aren’t specialists in any single part of the process

High risk manual solutions
  • Time consuming and difficult to deliver requiring several full time heads
  • Compromise data integrity and security
  • Don’t provide client or counterparty confidence or assurance
  • Make operational risk committees very uncomfortable
  • Unresolved breaks can result in loss of revenue and or regulatory consequences


Ad hoc file matching solutions can help, but often only provide a snapshot 

We can reconcile faster than ever before whilst dealing with increased volumes, making us highly responsive to the needs of our clients. HelloZero has helped us to achieve this
- Global Head of Operations, leading FCM

Core functionality

Data Dashboard

Data Dashboard

Manual upload of data can result in time delays, human error, file corruption or worse. HelloZero data is ingested via automated, overnight secure upload, visible in the dashboard for 7am login.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) creates uniformity, accuracy and semantic consistency that is validated through daily use.

Matching Engine

Matching Engine

Designed specifically for reconciling Futures and Options and FX. Our matching engine rapidly matches millions of rows of data using more than 21 data points.

Locked-In Logic

Locked-in Logic

Some data matching software can be good for ad hoc file matching but they can be a bit too flexible. HelloZero locks in logic for complex daily recs and cannot be easily overwritten or altered on the whim of an individual.

Daily Balancer

Daily Balancer

HelloZero doesn’t just file match but reconciles the entire data set against the previous day’s balances and breaks. It carries over balances and breaks from previous days for focused prioritisation or escalation.

Exception Management

Exception Management

Breaks are immediately identified and pinpointed to individual trade level for speedy prioritisation and resolution.



Via integrated breaks workflow providing visibility of open exceptions and a process for escalating or forwarding to colleagues and counterparties.



Auditable record of signed off daily reconciliations stored securely for future reference.
Industry experience

Providing software solutions to the financial sector for 25 years

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We're now reconciled by 9am, which was previously unheard of...
- Head of Operations, Cat 1 LME Member