Smarter, faster, validation of futures and options data

HelloZero helps organisations:


Comprehensive control and data management

HelloZero is award-winning modular software, designed to streamline the processing of futures and options data. Secure, automated and cloud based, it ingests and standardises high volumes of trading data from multiple counterparties to create one single source of truth.

Validation | Single source of truth

HelloZero automatically ingests high volumes of trading data from multiple sources. It ‘normalises’, ‘standardises’, and ‘enhances’ providing clean data for financial and regulatory reporting and downstream operations.

Control | Visibility of risk profile

HelloZero provides clean validated data from front office and counterparties, giving operations leaders in futures and options rapid visibility of their consolidated positions, their upcoming expiries, and their overall risk profile. 

Reconciliation | Smarter, faster, futures reconciliations

HelloZero has been designed to handle complex futures and options reconciliations. It runs multiple recs off a single cleaned data set which encompasses the entire trading portfolio for a period. Daily balances are carried over showing aging breaks for prioritisation.

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HelloZero has been built by Kynetix who have been helping exchanges, banks, brokers and asset managers streamline their back-office processes for the past 25 years.

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