Innovate or die

Innovate or die

If you want to stay ahead of the pace of change give people the opportunity, time and resources

The old quote ‘innovate or die’ has disputed origins, but what is definitely undisputed is the idea that if you aren’t coming up with new ideas, particularly in the tech space, then you may as well pack up and go home.

We know how critical innovation is to a company’s success, especially in technology. And it’s undoubtedly true. But you can’t just ask people to ‘be innovative’. What does that even mean, where do you start and with what end goal?  People need space to let ideas percolate, take shape and form into something more tangible. 

With this in mind, Kynetix has recently launched its own Innovation Programme which provides a structured framework within which everyone in the team has the opportunity, time and resources to test new ideas, experiment with technology and ultimately ‘innovate’.

The scheme enables individuals or groups of individuals to put aside half a day per week, funded by Kynetix, to work on new ideas or emerging technology. Projects need to have an approximate timeline and to be approved, and our team is free to choose any subject they like, ideally with some benefit to the company but that’s not essential depending on the idea. Great projects will be demonstrable to colleagues and ideally small enough to be completed in a year or even sooner.

We’ve already seen a good uptake of the programme and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the exciting new things emerging from these very bright people.  Watch this space.

Matt Dalton


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