Derivatives Reconciliations

Research concludes "good enough" is no longer good enough. Research with sell side suggests investment is needed.

In the face of huge increases in transaction volumes and regulatory expectations since the 2008 financial crisis, reconciliations have emerged as the keystone in post-trade processing.

Reconciliations may be a small part of the post-trade process but untimely, inaccurate reporting exposes firms to more than falling foul of the regulator.

We set out to benchmark approaches being taken by different parts of the industry, to understand the drivers for investment and get insights into how much automation is currently being deployed to mitigate risk versus sheer numbers of manual operators and processes.

The research was carried out by Acuiti Market Intelligence, specialists in the derivatives industry and involved a survey and series of interviews with executives at over 60 sell-side firms. The findings suggest that through investment in technology, data normalisation and automation, firms can achieve a new paradigm of risk reduction and efficiency with regards to reconciliation.

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The report includes:

  • Series of interviews and surveys carried out by Acuiti Market Intelligence.
  • Executives from over 60 world-leading sell-side firms took part in the research. 
  • Over 10 graphs and visual representations depicting the various findings and observations.
  • A breakdown of the challenges of reconciliations, motivations for investments and the benefits of automation.