Kynexion: Annual team bonding trip

Kynexion 2024: Porto, Portugal

Kynexion is one of many employee benefits offered by Kynetix and it is an annual weekend away to a European destination. It is fully funded by Kynetix and gives employees the chance to have fun, relax, connect with each other outside of work and, explore different destinations together as a team.

Kynexion is always highly anticipated and this year proved to be no different. What adds to the excitement is that the destination is a surprise and the team only finds out where they will be travelling to, a week before the departure date. There are some clues given out though, to prevent everyone from being completely in the dark, such as where we will be travelling from, departure times and the predicted weather forecast. This year’s anticipation was high though, with last year’s trip to Copenhagen, Denmark still firmly on everyone’s minds.

This year’s destination was Porto, Portugal. Porto is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe, with a rich history and culture. The city is famous for its delicious Port wine cellars, the Douro River, the Dom Luis bridge, the countless azulejos tiles, its vibrant markets and impressive neoclassical monuments, and being a vital port of trade between the fertile valleys of Northern Portugal and the rest of the world.

With the city being famous for its port and wine, the Kynetix team kicked off the start of the holiday with a port and chocolate tasting experience followed by some tasty lunch. The team also visited the famous Dom Luis bridge and took the cable car down the river. With Porto having a lot of history, the team took a 2 hour Tuk Tuk tour around the city, learning more about its history and stopping off to take some pictures. The team also enjoyed some amazing Portuguese food and drinks in the evenings. 


"I had fun in Porto, the port and chocolate tasting experience was my favourite part of the trip. It was a fun experience and both the port and chocolate was lovely".

"It was my first time experiencing Kynexion with the team, I was really excited for it after finding out about past trips and I can see why it's such a good hit. The trip was really fun and a good way for the team to bond".

"The best part for me this year was the Tuk Tuk tour, it was a fun way of getting around the city and learning about the history of Porto".

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