What we’re doing about innovation

Everybody says that innovation is critical to a company’s success, especially in technology. And it’s undoubtedly true. The challenge is that you can’t just ask people to ‘be innovative’. What does that mean, how do they do it, what’s the purpose etc?

So we recently launched an Innovation Programme which sets out a structured commitment for all our team to have the opportunity to set aside time and be given resources to innovate.

The scheme enables individuals or groups of individuals to put aside half a day per week, funded by Kynetix, to work on an innovative idea or emerging technology. Projects need to have an approximate timeline and to be approved, and our team are free to choose any subject they like, ideally with some benefit to the company but that’s not essential depending on the idea. Great projects will be demonstrable to colleagues and ideally small enough to be completed in a year or even sooner.

We’ve already seen a good uptake of the programme and personally, I’m fascinated to see what our very bright people can achieve.