The new automated, reconciliation platform for Exchange Traded Derivatives

  • Best in class for Exchange Traded Derivatives
  • Rapidly pinpoints exceptions to smallest detail including UTI
  • Bottom up and top down reconciliations prevent false positives
  • Fast to deploy and adapt for new products
  • Time and cost efficient
HelloZero computer
Core capability

Data Dashboard

Automatic hands-free data ingestion

Manual upload of data can result in time delays, human error and file corruption

  • HelloZero automatically ingests data overnight or whenever, visible in the dashboard straightaway

  • Retains original information for audit and compliance

Data ingested overnight for 7am login
Master data management
Core capability

Master Data Management (MDM)

Better quality reference data

In some systems, critical reference data can be held across many systems and servers making it inconsistent and unreliable

  • HelloZero contains reference data for more than 100 CCPs, banks and exchanges

  • MDM process uses machine learning to create uniformity, accuracy and semantic consistency

  • Daily data is enhanced and normalised automatically meaning  there is no need to reload for each rec.  Multiple reconciliations and queries can be run on the same dataset

  • Reference data quality is maintained through daily validation 

Core capability

The Matching Engine

Specifically designed for futures & options

Some teams can spend whole mornings (and sometimes afternoons) trying to identify the cause of exceptions

  • HelloZero rapidly pinpoints fresh breaks for management by exception


  • Top down and bottom up reconciliations prevent reporting of ‘false positives’


  • It is designed specifically for futures and options recs and matches data using more than 20 data points


  • Reconciles across trades, positions, price, OTE, cash, initial margin, LME averaging, commissions, fees, close outs and more


  • Additional rules and ‘match codes’ can be created by users with right permissions
Matching and exception management
Maintains rolling daily balance
Core capability

Daily Balancer

More than just 'file matching'

Some analytics tools give a good snapshot but can’t provide a rolling balance

  • HelloZero reconciles across the entire data set 

  • Carries over balances and breaks from previous days and re-values until justified

  • Ageing breaks are flagged for prioritisation and escalation

Core capability

Locked-in Logic

Complex daily rules can be locked

Some data matching software is good for ad hoc file matching but it can be a bit too flexible

  • HelloZero locks in logic for complex daily recs

  • Rules cannot be easily overwritten or altered on the whim of an individual

  • Delivers consistent and reliable results day after day
Derivatives reconciliations

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