Additional features


Rapid scaling for new products

Rapid scaling for new products
  • Adding new instruments, clients, brokers or accounts takes too long in some less flexible systems
  • HelloZero is pre-populated with high quality reference data for more than 100 CCPs, banks and exchanges
  • New MDM reference tables can easily be added

Secure conditional global access

Follow the sun resolution
  • Web based access means teams can collaborate on resolution
  • Processes can be started in the east and picked up as global teams come online
  • Cloud-delivery means adding new users and offices is easy
  • Security first approach means users can’t change their own permissions

Single click adjustments

Adjustments made in real time
  • Workflow raises ‘ticket’ and tracks statusĀ 
  • Automatically assigns or escalates for resolution
  • Workflow tracking on all exceptions until resolution
  • Closed loop adjustments into back office platforms
  • Compliant audit trail

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